PT Putra Yamara, Company - Сompany in Banjarmasin, Indonesia - Allbiz
    PT Putra Yamara, Company - Сompany in Banjarmasin, Indonesia - Allbiz
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    PT Putra Yamara, Company - Сompany in Banjarmasin, Indonesia - Allbiz

    PT Putra Yamara, Company, Banjarmasin

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    PT Putra Yamara, Company, Banjarmasin
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    Сompany address: Banjarmasin, Indonesia
    JL Gatot Subroto, No 17,
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    About enterprise PT Putra Yamara, Company

    This company has been established since 1990. Together with the achievement of our production capacity, we have exported our products to the most of Asian countries, Eropa and America so far. This is how you can get top quality pure bird nest! Sad to say so.. most bird nest available in the market are clean and bleach using bleaching agent. However, we at YAMARA GROUP uses only reverse osmosis water and cleaned by hand. It does take longer time and effort but this is our commitment to our customer. 1. Harvesting Bird Nest were harvested from Longevity Wellness Bird Farm. In Longevity Bird Farm, safety comes first. We make sure our highly skilled workers working in a safe environment. 2. Sorting Premium grade and quality raw bird’s nest were chosen from controlled environment to eliminate heavy metals contamination 3. Impurities separation Skilled and well trained workers were employed to separate the feathers and dirt. 4. Processing By using high grade reverse osmosis water to ensure the cleanliness and to preserve the natural shape of the nest. 5. Drying Processed bird’s nest were dried in oven using “Freeze Drying” Method until the right moisture content achieved. 6. Quality Control Stringent quality control are carried out to ensure the each and every piece of YAMARA GROUP bird nest achieved the specification set 7. Categorization and Grading Cleaned bird’s nest were categorized according to its grade
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